Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well...so much for consistency. I suppose I ended up too busy, and then couldn't remember the address of this place. Well, I found my way back somehow. Not like anyone would miss me - not like anyone knows I'm here. Not that it matters all that much.

Almost out of a job. Less than two weeks on employment left, and then the great unknown - Kansas maybe - without a job, without a visa (as yet), without any clear sense of prupose. But there are some good things to look toward. I finished my Ph.D. Even of the decade, it would appear. Second biggest event of my adult life. And yet it seems so empty in the eyes of everyone else. Few people had much to say. No one made a big deal of it. First one in my father's father's family to get a Ph.D., first in my mother's family too - it's a really big deal to me, and yet no one seems to see it as that big a deal. It's really deflating. It's a big deal to me, it's a really, really big deal. But no one seems to notice. Well, that's not fair - my wife, my major professor, one of my friends...but not one person I knew before I started this journey has said anything. It sucks.

Still, I shouldn't focus on the bad. It's still a great feeling to be done, even though it is a little drowned oiut by all the other stuff. It was a good day, it was great to know. Anyway...have lots of work to get back to. As if I had any readers... :)