Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So what now? The news is confusing, but it appears that it was a home-made explosive device in a bottle, and the fact that it was in a wrought-iron garbage bin is what made it damaging and potentially deadly. Which means that either the bomber knew what he was doing and placed it in the metal container to create shrapnel, or they placed it in the metal container expecting that the container would hold it in. Umm...thanks a lot to the authorities for providing such useless information. But anyway...I'm sure they're doing their best - like landing a helicopter on a crime scene.

The Guardian seems to think that it was unequivocally a terrorist act - it was intended to create terror. Seems logical. If it had been a prank you'd think it would have been set somewhere less crowded.

The follow-up was bomb threats across the country. Of course, Trinidad being Trinidad, this was entirely to be expected. Of course, if the people behind this had intended to cause fear, they would probably have engineered the bomb threats the following day - it's cheaper and yet still serves the intended purpose. On the other hand, Trinidad being Trinidad, people will expect and discount such threats in the aftermath of the activity.

Makes you think though...for all the bomb threats, I can only think of one bomb, against the Ahmaddiyyas in Marabella long long ago - that one was never solved (though some people blamed the Jamaat). Will this one be solved? I am not all that hopeful.

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