Friday, July 28, 2006

Sixteen years after the coup

Yesterday was the sixteenth anniversary of the Coup - coup attempt, in reality, since it didn't succeed. Manning didn't bother to show up, as usual - but thenm whether he knew anything about it or not, he is probably the biggest beneficiary from the tragedy.

As the anniversary approached there were the usual calls for a special commission to look into it. And, as usual, it was ignored. The coup is the last issue for the NAR, and only NARites (whatever party they support) care about it any more. Both the PNM and the UNC have been in bed with Bakr, so it isn't in their interest to have people look too carefully at the issue.

I have a hard time thinking of any day as the anniversary - in a certain sense it's with me every day, or almost every day. The anniversary is just another day (or rather, set of six days) in which to remember what happened. It's hard to summon additional intensity for something that is ever-present.

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