Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Six years after I first blogged, I'm going to give it another try. Back then no one read what I had to write, or had any way to find it. Here at least people will probably be able to find my posts, but I still have major doubts as to whether anyone will actually read it.

So what does one write about in one's first post? How about writing about how busy I am, which results, of course, in my doing something that takes up time but has nothing to do with all the work that needs doing. I suppose there is a universality to procrastination - when you have an exam the next day you feel an overwhelming need to clean the house. Today it's more than just procrastination though. I need a break, I need to focus my mind on something other than the work I need to do. This becomes my option for relaxation, my chance to unwind a little. Will I keep with this, for once, or will it fall by the wayside like most things I try my hand at? We shall see, I suppose. Now back to work - have to come up with a lab/field trip exercise for a class of 120 students for tomorrow. How will it go? We shall see, I suppose.

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