Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Twice on the first day, you ask? Actually no one will ask because no one is reading this. I need to write to keep awake though - something to get my brain back to functionality. There is a good reason why I get nothing done on an afternoon - it's because I am too sleepy from working all night getting the next day's lecture done. Actually it's also true that I am barely functional in the afternoon - whether I have a substantial lunch or not. I would do well in a country that had a siesta. But instead I am sitting here in an airconditioned office, biding my time and waiting to go home so that I can get to work. That's really pathetic, but it's the simple truth. Procrastination and sleepiness - what else can I blame my inactivity on?

Oh, by the way - for the legion of readers that I don't have, my time is timestamp + 4 hours.

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