Thursday, January 13, 2005

So the ads keep changing. Ok, that makes sense.

I had an ad for a "ribbon" site. "Support the Troops" magnets, that kinda site. Reminds me of the thing that irks me these days. Every time I see an SUV with one of those magnets I think "liar!" If you actually did support them, you wouldn't have bought an SUV. Pick-up trucks are marginal - they are actual working vehicles for some can't judge just on a glance. But SUVs are different. The majority of them are not working vehicles, especially in urban areas.

One of the major sources of funding for Islamists is donations from Saudis and other wealthy Arab countries. I think that idea is pretty well established. Income in these countries is tightly linked to oil prices. High consumption means high prices, so SUVs put money directly into the pockets of people who financially support those who wage war against the US. I'm not saying it only supports them - after all, Trinidad benefits a lot too. Nonetheless, if you "Support the Troops", then you should oppose high oil prices. If you drive an SUV your actions actually "Oppose the Troops". Hence, these people are liars. It makes matters even worse when you see them speed past you on the highway, doing 80-90 mph. Someone might be in the position where they bought this vehicle before the war, or they need their pick-up for work. But then they should keep their speed down. It isn't that difficult to keep within the speed limit - though frankly, if they really cared they would never get close to the speed limit.

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