Thursday, January 13, 2005

So I tried Google AdSense. I was amazed at the ads I got though - pro-military. Amazing. I suppose the longest post here was dedicated to Remembrance Day. It's funny how a little thing like that can bias the way the engine reads the blog. Anyway, now all I need is some readers, right? I am a little ambivalent about the idea of being read though - I have posted things that are remarkably personal here. But that's what blogging is all about - publicly posting the minutiae of your life, often under a psuedonym, with the assumption that either no-one you know will read it, or that only people you know will read it. And then it gets you fired like that woman from Washington who posted here sexual conquests.

I wonder if I am going to sustain this. I wonder if anyone will read it. I shall see, I suppose. Google says they'll drop your ads after two months if no-one clicks through. I don't understand the whole idea of paying per click - it seems like it would be worth your while simply to clip through on your own site, over and over. Do they rule out multiple clicks in a single session? They should, I would guess. Maybe I will bother to find out sometime. But isn't the point of blogging to make random prouncements which you never follow up? Isn't all punditry about speculation instead of data collection?

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