Sunday, March 20, 2005

I suppose I should "release" this site - tell Linz and Carol about it. At least I will get some readership, get some traffic to report on my page counter.

Carol pointed out an interesting site Google-Watch which talkins about the dangers of Google and Gmail. I suppose I have never assumed that my email was all the provate anyway, so if the government (whichever government) can get access to my mail, how different is it compared to the fact that the university can get access to my mail. I think privacy is important, I really do wish that there was some way I could safeguard privacy, but I have never assumed much privacy really exists. I'm not quite one of those "if you're not breaking the law you have nothing to worry about" people - there's a lot worth hiding that isn't illegal. I simply assume that privacy doesn't exist, and if you don't want the world knowing about something you shouldn't put it in writing...preferably don't say it out loud either. Of course you could post it on your blog - or mine at least, since no-one reads what I post here :)

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