Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So everyone has a blog now - Linz, Carol, Denise. And I am lagging, this thing two months out of date.

Spring Break. Yep. Nothing too exciting there - a chance to do nothing all day and then worry about the fact that i have done nothing. Pretty exciting. But anyway, it's Wednesday now, so I do need to get going, get things done. I expect that I will be trying to get a hundred things done on Sunday night (as usual). Oh well. It's been good to have the chance to relax a bit.

Since everyone else is blogging I feel the need to tell them about this page. It wasn't a "secret" in the first place - if anything, I was a tad embarrassed to tell people how I was wasting my time. That and that fact that it was so underwhelming... How much have I posted this far? Not an awful lot. But I still feel self-conscious about it. No one knows this site exists, no one reads it. So I have nothing to worry about. If I am writing for an audience of zero, or if I am writing for an audience of total strangers, it's relatively easy to write. Writing with the knowledge that people you know are likely to read it - that's a tad more daunting.

Anyway, it's a post. Just thoughts, not something conversational and informative.

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