Tuesday, September 06, 2005

An interesting converation on Springer on the Radio - his caller uses the term Leadership by title only. I suppose that's a really good point. The Department of Homeland Security took over responsibility for all national disasters, took control of FEMA and dispersed it through the ranks of the new organisation. That works fine, until something happens. Then, all of a sudden, they say "no one could have forseen this" and other crap like that. It's the same refrain as after 9-11, when Condi said "no one would have predicted that they would fly planes into buildings", when in fact, they had, or like Iraq, where Rumsfeld said "stuff happens" as Baghdad was looted. And they continue to lie about troop strengths in Iraq, while Zarqawi captures a town in western Iraq. Will this now become Fallujah II? Or does he realise that the needs of the Gulf Coast (funny, how that draws your mind to the "Gulf War") will divert troops away from Iraq, and will divert American attention from Iraq?

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