Friday, September 02, 2005

Over at kos there are people talking about how ever Joe Scarborough is turning on the Bush adminstration. I noticed this morning that David Brooks was focussed on the fact that the victims were mainly poor and black. They say even Tucker Carlson is highly upset about the lack of action. But what does it really mean? It isn't going to get Bush impeached. People have low expectations of him, and even though he isn't even living up to those expectations, somehow people are happy with the way things are. We like it so, we free! You'da thought that was written about America in 2005, not Trinidad in 1981. Same thing though. People seem to be willing to follow "their party" into ruin.

I hope that some good comes from this - that people wake up and realise how incompetent the Bush regime is. But will they? And even if there is massive backlash against the Republicans next year, will it be enough to switch control of the House and Senate? And if it does, will it make a difference, or will it be "too little, too late"? I suppose for thousands of people in New Orleans that answer to that question is more than obvious - it's too little, too late after you have gone through what those people have gone through. How does such massive incompetence happen? Hard work.

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